Scholarship Opportunities

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 scholarship. Award letters will be sent out at the end of March.

WIM California Chapter is offering 6 scholarships for 2018.
Each scholarship is $2,000.

WOMEN IN MINING (WIM) is a nationwide organization comprised of individuals employed in, associated with, or interested in mineral education and the mining industry.  Women in Mining is dedicated to educating students, teachers, and the general public about the importance of minerals in our daily lives.

Founded in 1990, WIM California Chapter is, above all else, an educational group.  We are women and men.  We are environmental engineers, geologists, miners, office workers, safety engineers, State and Federal regulators, engineers, educators, and much more.  We work together toward a common goal: To raise public awareness about the value of minerals and their direct correlation to our standard of living.

This year WIM California Chapter is partnering with the Southern California Mining Section of the Society of Mining Engineers (SME) to offer the Sager Memorial Scholarship of $2,000 for a total of 6 scholarships.

Those committed to obtaining an education leading to a degree through a course of study related to mining, geology, engineering or environmental studies are encouraged to review these WIM California Chapter guidelines for eligibility requirements and to submit their application for consideration.

Applications for 2018 are closed. Please check back in January 2019 for the next scholarship.